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JL Audio - Speakers

Each of our car speaker lines is engineered to meet the demands of the toughest acoustic and environmental conditions in the high-fidelity world: your car. Making great car speakers is not about cute buzzwords or the exotic material of the month... it's all about making your music come alive with realism and excitement.

Utilizing our extensive testing and development resources, each of our car speaker lines has been optimized to reproduce your music with lifelike balance, effortless dynamics and smooth response in the car. Particular emphasis has been placed on off-axis response and dynamic stability, which might not be that important during a brief evaluation on a demo board, but makes all the difference when installed in your car.

There are many less expensive products out there, and there are quite a few that are more expensive... So, do your homework and listen carefully, because no other piece of equipment makes a bigger difference in the sound of your system than your main speakers.

C5 - Brilliantly refined.

C3 - Fidelity, made flexible.

C1 - Get real.
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